Questionnaire Results and Feedback Report

We would like to thank everyone who signed up and participated in the Revolve8 Closed Beta Test. We also appreciate the efforts of testers who filled out the two questionnaires during the Beta Test.We would like to share what we learned from your comments and feedback, as well as the sort of content being considered for the full release of Revolve8.

RESULT Overall Statistics

Player Age Groups

10s 20s 30s 40s 50s

Players from many countries participated in the Beta Test. We obtained feedback from a wide age range, with the majority of players in their 20s. We will strive to continue providing an exciting experience for all players even after release.

Plans to Play On Launch

Would play 
Would play if issues were resolved
Would not play  

An overwhelming 95% of participants answered that they would consider playing on release!
We will continue to do our utmost to meet your expectations, prioritizing our updates to improve on concerns expressed in the questionnaires.

RESULT Overall Gameplay

Better than expected 
As expected 
Worse than expected 

We appreciate the feedback on the overall game experience. It has been used to improve Revolve8’s launch, and will be used to improve the game going forward.
While the overall response was positive, allow us to share some of your concerns here, as well as our plans for resolving them.

Ease of Play

We received many comments on matchmaking and the time restrictions on matchmaking. League Matches will be available at any time on release, and there will be no time restrictions on matchmaking.
Changes have also been made so that players will have an easier time getting matched.

There were also a large number of players who wanted a feature which would allow them to play matches with their friends.
We are currently working on a feature which will allow players to play private matches with each other, even if they are not on the same Guild.
Some players also expressed reservations about entering duels with their League Score on the line. We plan on adding game modes that do not affect League Score in future updates. There are also plans to revise some of the rewards and incentives for quests, which help players learn how to play and how to win their matches.

Strategic Depth

We received feedback such as “the initial card pool is too small” and “the game needs balancing” in relation to the strategic value of the game.
Regarding the card pool, the full release will include cards not available in the Closed Beta Test.
Cards will also be added in content updates. We have also made advancing to League 2 easier, giving players access to a larger number of cards early in the game.

We have also adjusted some of the cards based on your feedback on game balance.

RESULT Characters

Character Design

Better than expected 
As expected 
Worse than expected

We received a lot of positive feedback on the characters! Many of you wrote about how you liked Red Riding Hood and Cinderella in the comments!

More Heroes will join the battle after release, look forward to them!

Popular Heroes

1st Red Riding Hood/2nd Cinderella/3rd Kintaro

Red Riding Hood, our “social media celebrity”, was particularly popular during the Beta Test. There were many comments about how adorable she is, and we’re delighted that you like her as much as we do!

Each Hero is designed to be slightly different from their classical rendition. Check out their profiles and stories when you get a chance!

What’s featured here is only a small sample of the feedback we received from the Closed Beta Test, but everything submitted has been read and recognized as tasks to improve upon. The Revolve8 Development Team will continue to put all of their energy into bringing everyone the best this game has to offer.We hope to see you at launch.