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重要 2019.02.07 Balance Changes (Feb 7)(Finished)

February 7, 2019, 12:15 PM (UTC) update
The following changes will be made after the maintenance on Feb 14:
1) Change to LE Cards Unlocked at Each League
League  Before After
5 Snow White Monkey King
6 Monkey King None
7 None  Snow White
2) Change to LE Card Drop Rates at League 6
LE card drop rates from Books change with the number of unlocked LE cards in a particular League.
Due to the changes in League requirements, the number of LE cards in League 6 has changed from 2 cards to 1 card, meaning that the LE drop rate at League 6 has been halved.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
3) Changes to the Main Quest
Due to the changes in League requirements, Main Quests 5-5, 7-2 and 7-3 have been changed.
Happy dueling!

Thank you for playing Revolve8.
The Revolve8 Operations Team is dedicated to providing players with an exciting PvP experience, and will conduct balance patches as needed to achieve this.
1) Changes to Hero League Requirements
League required to unlock Snow White changed from League 5 to League 7
The team has been analyzing match data per-League from the first day of the pre-release.
Current data shows that the win rates of each card (excluding draws) is sitting around 45% to 50%.
However, the win rate for Snow White decks as of the end of January reached a remarkable 78.22%.
The current hypothesis is that players cannot level the expected counters for Snow White by Leagues 5 and 6, as her win rate drops to around 49% from League 7 and above. 
We have therefore decided to take action against her usage in these two Leagues.
Another LE card will be placed in League 5 to coordinate with this change.
(This will not affect players in League 5 and 6 who have already unlocked Snow White)
This change is planned to take effect on February 14, 2019.
2) Overall Balance Changes
Some cards will be tuned in order to broaden the number of viable strategies.
The cards subject to change will be announced in a following notice.
This change is planned to take effect around the end of February 2019.
Happy dueling!