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重要 2019.03.18 Balance Changes (Mar 26)(Finished)

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A balance patch will be applied at the time below.


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Mar 26, 2019, 5:00 AM to 8:30 AM (UTC)
(Times are approximate)

Balance Theme

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The theme for this balance patch is to enable players to destroy Towers using a wide variety of units. So we have chosen to adjust cards in ways that reward the attacking player.
Hopefully, this will create a more aggressive PvP experience. In addition, we also made changes to some Heroes in order to normalize leader pick rates.
Balance changes will be conducted periodically to ensure exciting gameplay for players at all levels. While there are other changes we would like to make, more data is required before we can reach a final decision.


Cards Changed

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Card Changes Explanation
Monkey King

Base Unit
Cost: 5 → 4

Charge Time: 2.5 s → 2.25 s
Damage: +3%

SP Skill
Clone Damage Boost: 100% → 60%
Duration: 10 s → 20 s
Charge Time: 0.75 s (Clones take 0.75 s to attack when the Skill is active)

Monkey King is designed as an Attacker capable of dealing incredibly large amounts of damage when scoring a clean hit. In practice, it is incredibly difficult for him to achieve this, resulting in low pick and win rates in Leagues 9 and above. He also has the lowest Leader pick rate out of every Hero.
We have decreased his cost and adjusted his SP Skill to make it easier to land the killing blow on your opponent. Hopefully this will increase his usage rate to rival that of Momotaro and Kintaro, his fellow Attackers. These changes will also allow him to take on Clara head-to-head if he uses his Normal Skill.
Princess Kaguya

Base Unit
Cost: 7 → 6
HP: +10%
Damage Area: 1.25 Tiles → 1.5 Tiles
Range: 1 Tile → 1.25 Tiles

Normal Skill
Area Damage: −48%
Mine Duration: 15 s → 10 s

Princess Kaguya is designed as a Defender capable of controlling the field with her high stats and skills, slowing the pace of battle. But her data from Season 2 reveals that her pick and win rates are low. We believe that her high cost has led to her not being as useful as expected.

We have increased her base stats to make it easier to counterattack after a successful defense. We have also increased the area of effect for her attack, allowing her to defeat enemies more quickly and increasing her survivability.

We’ve also decreased her Normal Skill’s damage, but it is still more than enough to defend against non-Tank units. Reducing the Mine’s Duration will also allow opportunities for it to activate without needing the Tower to take damage.

Snow White (Nerf)
Normal Skill
Revival HP: 60% → 70%
SP Skill
Shield HP: 250 → 200
Effect Area: 5.5 Tiles → 1.75 Tiles

Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs are very effective offensive units, and is seeing very high leader pick rates across all Leagues.

One of the major reasons for this is that her SP Skill, White Blessing, easily enables a player to attack both lanes when activated in the presence of other units.

We have adjusted her SP Skill’s Shield HP and Effect Area, along with her Normal Skill’s Dwarf Revival HP to make her less reliant on her SP Skill.

The new size of her SP Skill Effect Area just fits the spawn position of the Dwarfs.

Momotaro (Nerf)
Normal Skill
Damage: +5%
Range: 6 Tiles → 5.5 Tiles
SP Skill
Damage: −20%

Momotaro’s rounded stats and his Skills make him a very versatile Attacker. Currently, his Leader pick rate suddenly increases from League 8 onwards, which can be contributed to players realizing that despite his stats, his Skills allow him to easily reach Towers.

Reducing the Range of his Normal Skill will lower his ability to reach Towers, and allow ranged units like Aladdin to get in an initial attack. The lower damage on his SP Skill also means that he will need 2 hits to bring down units with lower HP, like Red Riding Hood, when they are at the same level.

Wannabe Cannon (Nerf) Damage: −6%
Attack Speed: 0.8 s → 1 s
Range: 5 Tiles → 4.25 Tiles

The Wannabe Cannon is designed to distract your opponent’s units and stop attacks, making it useful in many situations. However, it has enough stopping power to take care of both minions and tankier units. This has restricted the use of other tower-type buildings.

By shortening its attack range, it will now take more damage when defending against units like Red Ogres.

Ray Beam Cost: 6 → 5
HP: −15%
Range: 5 Tiles → 5.5 Tiles

The Ray Beam is designed to take on high-HP units with its accumulative damage. However, its high cost and similar damage output compared to the Wannabe Cannon means that it is not seeing much use.

We have lowered its cost so that it is easier to use, and have extended its attack range so it can also defend against ranged units.

Star Money (Nerf) Area Damage: −11%
Tower Damage: −11%
Effect Area: 4 Tiles → 3.75 Tiles

Star Money can wipe the field of most minions, and combined with its large area of effect, is a versatile magic card. This allows most decks to have a very effective defensive option. At Leagues 7 and above, it has become the most commonly used card, overshadowing other, similar choices.

The changes to its Damage and Effect Area will make it weaker to minions. It now does not do enough damage to 1-shot Lilliput Archers of the same level.


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The times and content written are subject to change.
Happy dueling!
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