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アップデート 2019.03.19 [Ver.1.2.0] Update and Scheduled Maintenance

8:30 AM (UTC) Update:
The scheduled maintenance held on Mar 26, 2019 at 5:00 AM (UTC) finished at 8:30 AM (UTC).
Thank you for your cooperation. The following has been given to all players as compensation.
100 Jewels
(The above item will be added to your Gifts.)

Update Details

1) New Campaigns
 For a limited time, the Hoichi Pickup Book is on sale!
 For a limited time, the Bear Book, which turns every R card into Bear, is on sale!
 A Novice Starter Set, which bundles a Book with Jewels and Gold, is now on sale!
 Deck type-themed Novice Books are also available to help you get started!
 Get up to 1400 Jewels by logging in for 7 days during the campaign period!
 New missions and the Join-a-Guild campaign have also begun!
2) Data Adjustments
・Matchmaking adjustments
・Tower Book Event extended
 Tower Books open with 5 Tower Stones instead of the usual 10. This has been extended to Apr 23, 2019 4:59 AM (UTC).
・Friends Feature
 You can also directly have Private Matches with people on your Friends list.
3) Bug Fixes
・Other minor bug fixes have also been implemented.
please see the bottom of this page for details.

Updating the Game

When the maintenance is complete, players will only be able to play using version 1.2.0.
Please update the game from the App Store/Play Store.
Happy dueling!
Revolve8 development and operations teams



Thank you for playing Revolve8.

Details about the new version (Ver.1.2.0), and the maintenance to implement it, are found below.
The game cannot be played during maintenance.
After maintenance, only Ver.1.2.0 of the app will be able to log in and play the game.


Maintenance Schedule

Mar 26, 2019, 5:00 AM to 8:30 AM (UTC)
*Times are subject to change

Maintenance Details (Ver.1.2.0 Update)

New Features in Ver.1.2.0

New Character

A new Hero, Hoichi, has been added to the game!
-Hoichi is a Marksman who spawns Wraiths that fly towards enemy buildings and Towers

Friends Feature

A Friends feature has been added to the Social menu!
-You can even invite friends who don't have Revolve8 installed!
-You can also directly have Private Matches with people on your Friends list

Data Adjustments
1) Matchmaking adjustments
3) Season and Score reset (for players with Scores higher than 3,200)
Find more about the Season reset here

Improvements to Existing Features

1) Changes to League 11's Stage

Seasonal changes made to the stage
-A flurry of cherry blossoms now decorate the stage! Future changes are also being planned

2) Changes to the Home screen

The Private Matches button has been moved to the Social menu
-A certain SEGA console has been made to represent the Private Match button!

3) Additions to Guild chat

A button shortcut will now show up when there are Card Requests outside the active chat window

4) Changes to Missions
Changes made to the Missions window
-Added the "Limited" tab and moved time-limited missions to this section
-Reward details have been added to the Missions list

Allowed Mission rewards to be collected even after the Mission itself has expired

5) Various bug fixes

(These can be checked in the "Known Bugs List" after the maintenance is complete.)

Updating the App

Download the latest version of the app from the Store without deleting the app.
Your play progress will be deleted should you delete the app.


League Sale timers will still count down during maintenance. Please check your sale timers prior to maintenance.
Support may not be possible if the app is installed on external media. It is recommended to install the app on the main storage of your device.
All dates and times written here are subject to change
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.
Happy dueling!
Revolve8 development and operations teams